DVC Dual light cameras – a smart choice for colors in the dark

| Full colors and a clear image when needed

DVC Extreme dark camera technology is enhanced with the latest innovation from DVC, Dual light technology.

Some users of the Extreme Dark series complained, although it provides safety even in poorly lit places or at night where it guaranteed clear images full of colors, the additional LED light that could not be turned off.

Dual light camera series solved that problem with AI analytics in smart mode. Without the presence of people, dual light cameras only use the IR light turned on. There are no people, there is no additional light that disturbs the peace of your garden or protected area. When detecting people, the camera activates a white LED light and in a moment you have a clear picture in front of you in full color, even when there is no light source at all, such as stars or street lights. When people leave the perimeter, the camera automatically turns off the white LED light and returns to night mode with the IR light on.

If you need LED light for some time or constantly, the Dual light series of cameras also offers such an option.

Try DVC Dual light technology and find out why our brand is one of the regional leaders on the market, and the quality guarantee is also a new, three-year warranty. DVC, smart technology that is worth more.

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