Medium-sized company

As the business grows, so does the need for a more complex security solution.


The security system can include different technologies, from installed video surveillance to a combination of cameras and other security devices such as alarm systems, access control or time attendance systems. And what if user’s needs and expectations change? DVC integrated solutions easily adapt to growing business and changing needs.

Intelligent video analytics

DVC video analytics allows you to react to an event in real time and record only an alarm event, which significantly saves storage space. Perimeter protection and objects’ tracking in the scene are provided by AI video analytics functions. Depending on the type of camera, the functions of tracking objects in the scene, detection of defined line crossings, detection of space intrusions, people counting, recognizing people and vehicles, face detection or license plates recognition are possible.

IP technology

A wide range of IP cameras allows you to choose the exact one that is adequate for each specific area protection. From high to ultra-high resolution, wired and wireless installation, bullet or dome housings, and with fixed or motorized lens.

DVC IP cameras are classified into five different categories and brand lines – Special, Supreme, Smart, Start and Speed and will meet all user requirements in terms of price, quality and features.

In the Special Class, a panoramic camera with Starlight technology stands out, which contains four cameras whose images are merged into one image thanks to a special software. The Starlight sensor enables night colour operation with excellent image, even in a very low light scene conditions.