Video intercoms

2-Easy video intercom systems are part of the DVC product line. Devices are connecting using two wires. Due to the simple wiring and flexibility of the DVC 2-Easy system, it is a wise choice for both, the installer and the user. The advantage for the installer is the possibility of using an existing installation or the ease of pulling a new one, which means less cost for the end-user. In addition, the modularity of the system allows adaptation to the specific users’ needs and financial capabilities, as well, simpler upgrades when needed.


DVC video intercom systems are connected using a two-core cable that transmits all audio and video data, power and control signals. This system is easily expanded through various modules and can be used to control lighting, add additional cameras, control the lock, and can be connected to a WiFi router and mobile application.

Relay module

With the relay module, it is possible to connect and use the DVC video intercom system for different functions such as opening doors other than the entrance one, or lighting control (on / off at pre-set time).

FishEye cameras

Most DVC video intercom outdoor units are equipped with a wide-angle (FishEye) color camera that covers a viewing angle of 170˚ (horizontal) and 130˚ (vertical). These features make it much easier for users to identify people and better notice details.


In the modern world, anything that facilitates communication is welcome, and the DVC video intercom system can be used for intercom calls and connection between neighbuors in an apartment building or in neighbuoring houses.

Access control

An additional level of security can be provided by system options which allow access control. The system can use RFID cards (125kHz and 13.56MHz), PIN and fingerprint reader as the identification methods for access control purposes.