Video intercoms

The DVC line of video intercoms offers a comprehensive range of products that will provide the user with practical and simple two-way audio and video communication. Choose from our high-performance IP or 2-wire video intercom product line, which will adapt to any application.

IP video intercom systems

The DVC IP video intercom system is stable, adaptable, economical and easy to install and use.

  • Connection via wifi
  • IP cameras monitoring
  • Integration with cameras of almost all manufacturers
  • Quad view and picture in picture
  • Call forwarding to the app

The IP video intercom system is suitable for small, medium and large installations, from houses and villas, to buildings with multiple entrances or complex systems.

2-wire video intercom systems

Ease of wiring and flexibility make the DVC 2-Wire video intercom system a quality choice for both the installer and the end user. The biggest advantage for the installer of this system is the possibility of using an already existing, old installation or the ease of installing a new one, which means lower costs for the end user.

  • System capacity of up to 256 apartments
  • Simple configuration and automatic detection of elements in the system
  • Connection via Wifi
  • Quad view and picture in picture
  • Call forwarding to the app

System modularity

The modularity of DVC video intercom systems enables adaptation to the specific wishes and financial capabilities of the user, as well as simpler extensions in case of need.

Image quality

Most DVC video intercom outdoor units are equipped with a wide-angle (FishEye) color camera that covers a viewing angle of 170˚ (horizontal) and 130˚ (vertical). These characteristics allow the user to identify people much easier and to see details better.

VDP Connect app

VDP Connect app will allow the user to easily manage the DVC video intercom system. With the VDP app, the user can answer a call from the outdoor unit, talk to visitors via mobile device and control unlocking.