Large business systems

Industrial facilities and business systems require a high level of security, and thus a high level of reliability of installed video surveillance systems.

Up to 30.000 cameras

The wide range and flexibility of the DVC video surveillance line allows application in buildings of different sizes and purposes – from residential and smaller office premises to complex high-risk facilities, which are used by a large number of people. The complexity of the system reaches a potential 30.000 channels (cameras).

Integration software

In more endangered buildings, there is a need for combining different types of technical security systems. Their mutual centralization and integration maximize the security level of the protected object. The video surveillance system also significantly helps prevention and subsequent identification, especially by using the DVC NVMS 2.0 server software. It is a video surveillance system management (CMS) software, specially designed for IP-based systems, with which the administrator can manage and monitor up to 30.000 cameras in real time.

Thermal solutions

Acting responsibly means ensuring the protection and carefreeness of every employee, visitor or client. This is possible with four innovative DVC systems for non-contact fever detection.

Devices differ primarily in the amount of data they can process over a period. The devices with the fastest processing and smart video analytics are ideal for very high frequency passages such as large shopping malls, airports, train and bus stations, ferry ports and other transport hubs.