Face recognition

DVC IP Face Recognition cameras are part of the Special IP series DVC video surveillance line and are used to detect and recognize faces from the database, in real time. Cameras with a face recognition function are most often placed at the entrance to the premises to identify employees and visitors. On that way, the access to the protected area is controlled. These cameras are recommended for use in shops, malls, restaurants or casinos, and wherever face identification is required.

Technical characteristics

IP Face Recognition cameras can be used as standalone, without a recorder, with the ability to store the database on a local SD card, and contain Sony Starlight technology, White light view distance lighting, True WDR 120dB and a 7-22 mm moto-zoom lens.

NVMS 2.0

NVMS 2.0 is a platform for managing and monitoring DVC video systems. Real-time viewing, storage, playback and downloading of recordings, decoding on the TV wall, keyboard control, control of alarm inputs and outputs, as well as smart video analytics are supported. Therefore, NVMS 2.0 can meet customer requirements for centralized video management and can be widely used in video surveillance of industrial parks, education campuses, banking offices, chain stores and building complexes.