People Counting

DVC Special and Supreme IP series cameras allow people counting thanks to its advanced video analytics. It is possible to count number of entrances, exits and calculating the total number of people present at the premise. Cameras with the visitors counting ability are mostly placed at the shops, convention or sport centres entrances.

These intelligent solutions will enable accurate analysis of the shopping centre or store efficiency, as well as better overall organization of employees and sales processes.

While the number of people in the store is lesser than the maximum number set – entry is allowed. When the number of people reaches the defined maximum, entry is not allowed and only when the first person exits and the number falls below the maximum number of people allowed in the store, entry is granted again.

  • Stand-alone solution for people counting in the store via DVC camera
  • Defining the allowed number of people directly on the camera via the local computer
  • Possibility to lock / unlock the door via the recorder’s relay alarm output
  • Ability to indicate the entrance status