Extreme Dark Technology

Perfect picture even in complete darkness!

DVC Extreme Dark technology was created to enable cameras to work and improve video surveillance image quality even in extreme conditions, such as complete darkness.

Thanks to the additional LED light, Extreme Dark cameras can guarantee clear images full of color, even when there is no light source at all, such as stars or street lights.

Video analytics at night

Extreme dark technology’s powerful ability to capture details in low light comes from advanced lens technology and high-sensitivity sensors. Unlike conventional lenses, thanks to the super aperture that reaches F1.0, Extreme Dark technology allows more light to enter the lens, thus increasing the brightness and clarity of the image. Video analytical functions supported by DVC equipment are: Line crossing, object tracking, space invasion, people and/or vehicle counting, people density, face recognition, person and vehicle recognition, autotracking, vehicle license plate recognition.

Vivid color images surveillance 24/7

High-sensitivity Extreme Dark cameras are designed for surveillance systems where high-resolution images are required even in very low-light environments. Extreme Dark camera sensors demonstrate outstanding photovoltaic conversion efficiency. They use advanced sensor technology – a new light-harvesting structure that greatly improves light utilization. Tests show that Extreme Dark cameras consistently deliver vivid, sharp images down to the lowest light levels. At the same time, their self-adaptive 3D DNR algorithm on ISP guarantees high image quality.


Extreme dark cameras will enable uninterrupted surveillance at night and thus protect the perimeter of the factory, villa or garden. Given their ability to capture excellent vivid images, Extreme Dark cameras provide security even in dimly lit public places. They are reliable night security of all poorly lit areas and all locations where the image can be of crucial importance, such as traffic intersections or parks, as well as all poorly lit locations where additional LED camera lighting is crucial in night mode.