Analog HD video surveillance

DVC AHD video surveillance systems are most often used to secure residential and commercial premises of those users who want to improve the existing analog system without changing of the existing coaxial cable installations.

Using analog transmission of video signals through coaxial cable at distances up to 500 m, analog HD technology is designed for an analog video surveillance system but which can cover a large area with images of megapixel resolution.

Resolution up to 8Mpx through coaxial cable

With 8Mpx resolution, analog HD technology has approached IP video. Using analog video signal transmission via coaxial cable, analog HD technology makes it possible to create a video surveillance system that can cover a large area, with excellent image quality with a resolution of 8Mpx, 5Mpx, 4Mpx, 2Mpx or 1Mpx.

Pentabrid DVC Analog HD recorders

In addition to HD (AHD, CVI and TVI) and analog cameras, 1 to 8 additional DVC IP cameras can be connected to DVC analog HD recorders. In this way, in addition to additional video channels on the recorder, flexibility and the use of IP technology in HD analog systems is enabled. The resolutions of DVC IP cameras that can be connected to pentabrid DVC Analog HD recorders are 8Mpx, 5Mpx, 4Mpx, 3Mpx and 2Mpx, with H.265 + and H.264 + compression. This can be helpful in case when user want to upgrade the existing system by supplementing several analog cameras with Analog HD and IP cameras by use of a pentabrid DVC analog HD recorder.

4-in-1 technology

4-in-1 technology allows all DVC analog HD cameras to operate in one of 4 modes. This means that these HD cameras are compatible with all HD analog recorders: AHD, HD-TVI, HD CVI, as well as with analog recorders of older generation.

Shooting in the dark

For recording in complete darkness, IR LEDs (Infra Red Light Emitting Diodes) that emit infrared light are used. Such lighting is invisible to the human eye, but the cameras that use it are sensitive to it. DVC outdoor IR cameras, in addition to the usual, use different types of new IR LEDs, such as Array LED (has less than 10 LEDs, longer service life, give a clear image of high purity and have smaller dimensions), or Black Glass LED, made of composite material that transmits infrared spectrum of lighting while blocking visible light.

COC (Control Over Coax)

Controlling DVC analog HD cameras via coaxial cable allows access to the OSD browser from the recorder itself. As well, using only a coaxial cable, it is possible to control DVC Analog HD PTZ cameras without the need for additional communication with the control keyboards through a two-core cable using the RS485 protocol. This way of controlling the cameras is simpler because there is no need to physically access the cameras, and cheaper, because it is not necessary to pull an additional cable for PTZ cameras controlling.