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DVC: A reliable video surveillance solution

Latest technologies. The most reliable components. Highest performances.

DVC video provides users with all the benefits of HD analog (AHD) and IP video surveillance technology along with two-wire and hybrid, wireless or IP video intercom solutions.
Since its introduction in 2003, DVC has taken a strong position as a regional video surveillance brand and has earned the trust of end users and installers. Proven in numerous applications in almost 20 years of continuous growth, DVC has become synonymous for reliable and flexible video surveillance solutions, created according to the different users’ needs  – from residential buildings and small to medium business systems, proving itself as the right solution even in the large commercial, industrial and public premises.

Technological future with its own R&D

Maintaining the trust of both end users and professionals in the technical security industry means continuous work of R&D and IT team of experts on predicting the technological future, designing, innovating, and creating added value tailored to users’ needs. Alarm automatika d.o.o. continuously develops and adjusts the DVC portfolio, fulfilling the expectations of the regional market by quality and price. DVC systems in analog HD and IP technology by technical characteristics are fully following the main world technological trends.

Hardware + Software

By choosing DVC video surveillance, you will get a complete solution – from cameras and recorders to the necessary accessories and network servers. DVC systems are based on the latest technologies, reliable components and enable the highest performance.

DVC video intercom

The constant need to find simpler and better solutions for our customers has prompted us to include 2-Easy video intercom systems that are connected using two wires in the DVC portfolio. Due to the wiring method and flexibility, the DVC 2-Easy system is a quality choice for both the installer and the user. The advantage for the installer is the possibility of using an existing installation or the ease of pulling a new one, which means less cost for the end-user. In addition, the modularity of the system allows adaptation to the specific users’ needs and financial capabilities, as well, simpler upgrades when needed.

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DVC products are based on the most latest technologies, the most reliable components and provide the highest performances, suitable for use in buildings of different sizes and purposes.

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