Apartments and business premises

Smart home solutions

Completely invisible video surveillance solutions incorporated into everyday life and integrated with smart systems inside the house or apartment, raise the level of users’ security and thus the quality of their life. Video surveillance system with up to 16 cameras and video intercom system with up to 32 addresses, are suitable for most apartments, houses, cottages, villas, as well as for small businesses located within residential areas, such as dental clinics, offices, exchange offices, bookmakers, various small shops etc.

Wi-Fi surveillance cameras

Wi-Fi IP cameras are easy for installation and programming, have a long range and are used in both home and business applications. Models with scheduled recording or motion detection are available for outdoor and indoor installation. They enable recording resolution up to 5 MP, two-way audio communication, night recording and video storage on an SD card or recorder. The premise can also be monitored remotely via mobile phone.

Security even when you’re not there

Home is person’s safe haven. The most beautiful and relaxed moments are experienced in the comfort of your own home. Ensuring security for the most precious things we have, such as an apartment, garage, cottage or office space, is extremely important.

To increase most effectively the level of protection and security, and make the possibility of theft or burglary more difficult, the most suitable sets of video surveillance are available, according to individual needs.

Easy and professional installation

In order to make the selected video surveillance system as secure as possible, it is of great importance to properly arrange and place devices inside and outside the premise. Today, when times are running out, ideal are those protection systems which are easy to install and manage.

Real-time camera overview

Smart home security cameras must be able to recognize visitors and send alerts, keeping the home safe even when no one is present there. A free DVC Connect app for iOS and Android will allow access to cameras anytime and from anywhere in the world.

Appropriate video surveillance will guard and control all critical places of the protected premise – warehouses, entrances, accesses, which can be remotely monitored in real time via mobile phone. Local recording on the SD card of the mobile phone and viewing of the recorded material from the SD card is possible, too, as well as users’ alerting about events initiated by motion detection or recorder’s alarm inputs.

DVC Connect

DVC Connect

Live view from the recorder, local recording to the SD card of the mobile phone and view the recorded recording, as well as alerting the user about events initiated by motion detection or the alarm inputs on the recorder itself.


VDP Connect

VDP Connect

Application is a great help to all users of the DVC video intercom system. With the app, the user can answer a call from an outdoor unit, talk to visitors via a mobile device and control unlocking.



NVMS 2.0 Lite

Free CMS (Centralized Management Software) for the future of video surveillance for small video systems up to 256 channels (cameras). It supports all DVC recorders and DVC IP cameras, and connection to multiple screens.