Upcoming Innovations in DVC Video Intercom Systems!

| Enhancements and Benefits of 2-Wire Indoor Units

DVC video intercom systems will soon be enriched with new 2-wire indoor units. What distinguishes the new DF7-BS (black) and DF7-WS (white) devices, besides offering a choice of two colors to better suit every interior, is their ultra-slim design while featuring a 7-inch screen diagonal ensuring high-quality and clear images at all times. For narrower spaces, identical but slightly smaller monitors with a 4.3-inch diagonal (DF4-BS and DF4-WS) will also be available. This TFT hands-free monitor also features touch-sensitive buttons and menu options in several languages, including Croatian, English, Slovenian, and Macedonian.

An additional advantage, or rather the quality of these indoor units, is the optical glass surface made of tempered glass to provide even better protection against mechanical damage. Address setting is done using the DVC-DT-PG1 programmer, which uses DIP switch settings familiar to installers, with the added convenience that there is no need to remove and reconnect the BUS terminal during programming.

Let 2-wire DVC video intercom systems become your choice, especially with DF7 units supporting future expansions, all at prices guaranteeing an excellent balance of price and quality. DVC is technology that is worth more, see it for yourself. Check out our offers on B2B platforms or at your nearest Alarm automatika office.

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