Exciting New Additions Coming Soon to the DVC Family!

Imamo fantastične vijesti za sve ljubitelje DVC brenda! Alarm automatika s oduševljenjem najavljuje revolucionarno rješenje video interfona koje se besprijekorno integrira s DVC kamerama. Ova inovacija donosi brojne prednosti kako instalaterima tako i krajnjim korisnicima, čineći instalaciju jednostavnom i značajno unapređujući sigurnost ureda, domova, stambenih zgrada i poslovnih prostora.

A single application will enable perfect integration of CCTV and intercom systems. Soon, footage from the intercom will be recordable on the recorder, and one application will suffice to view recordings and open doors.

Introducing Our Innovative New Product Lineup:

  1. Wireless Doorbell
  2. Video Doorbell
  3. Outdoor Intercom Unit
  4. Indoor Intercom Unit

Standout Features:

  • Multiple Door-Opening Methods: Facial recognition, card, password, etc.
  • Extensive Alarm Inputs: Up to 8 alarm inputs on the intercom
  • Enhanced Security Alarms: Anti-tampering alarm, door unlock alarm, and more
  • Intelligent Analytics: Built-in video exception detection, face detection, face capture, and comparison in both outdoor units

Additionally, the new system allows the outdoor intercom unit to be integrated into the CCTV setup as a camera, with the capability to record on an NVR, offering an unparalleled level of security.

Stay tuned for more updates! For the latest information, contact your local office , or follow our web news and social media channels.

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