Solution to the problem of connecting mixed (audio + video) systems

Recently, there have been changes in the installation of audio intercom units, and accordingly there have been problems with mixed (audio + video) systems.

Due to the low consumption of audio units, there was a possibility that the distributor (DVC DT-DBC) would not detect that a certain device was connected to it. To solve this problem, the audio units are connected directly to the BUS line. This caused a “branching” of the BUS line, which in turn caused a significant drop in video signal quality.

The solution to this problem is to connect the system using two separate BUS lines – one for audio only and the other for video only. This is achieved by using DVC DT-BDUs in router mode. That way we can still connect a mixed system following all the rules for video and audio connectivity without one affecting the other. The system limit remains 8 DVC DT-BDU per system. It is also important to keep in mind that in this case the outdoor calling unit MUST be one of the DVC DMR outdoor units or the DT821 modular unit, as a list of names (namelist) needs to be set.

Example of the above system:

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