PTZ autotracking of persons and vehicles

Smart Tracking or autotracking is an advanced technology that allows smart DVC IP PTZ cameras to increase the efficiency of video surveillance systems.

This is especially true in places where the occasional presence of people or vehicles requires special attention, such as bank vaults, hotel hallways, parking garages, office buildings and schools, after hours or during the night.

The DVC IP PTZ autotracking function allows automatic tracking of people or vehicles. The function is activated by a predefined line crossing or intrusion into space, after which the object is tracked until it exits the frame. The DVC IP autotracking function enables detection at a tracking speed of up to 180 ° per second. The function allows the PTZ camera to automatically return to the home point.

DVC IP PTZ intelligent cameras

Mobile DVC PTZ cameras (Pan Tilt Zoom) are equipped with a motor for horizontal (pan) and vertical (tilt) movement of the camera, have the ability to zoom, cover the entire space of 360 °, and it is possible to automatically change the field of view in the programmed cycle (preset). With these characteristics, they successfully replace a larger number of ordinary cameras in a protected area.

DVC IP Auto Tracking

PTZ AI autotracking IP cameras are compatible with all DVC IP recorders. The number of such cameras added to the DVC IP recorder is limited only by the number of recorder channels. DVC PTZ cameras come in 8 “, 6”, 5 “and 4” housings, with 4Mpx and 2Mpx resolution.

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